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How money moves

A deep dive into payments systems and money movement in markets around the world

The way cash flows, and the way money moves—across different markets, for different use cases and to serve different segments—is filled with nuance, complexity and ever-evolving technological advancements.

Where there is a need for money to move from one store of value to another, there are fintech innovators around every corner, working to make it happen better, faster and cheaper.

An aggregate of stories told by business and fintech experts and builders globally, Flow was created to explore questions around how money moves today, who is leading the charge to make it better and where further innovation is needed.

Flow is created, edited and managed by the team at Stitch, a global payments service provider dedicated to building next generation financial infrastructure that can power better money movement for enterprises around the world.

If you’re interested in contributing to Flow, reach out to flow@stitch.money.